ATM for customer convenience

If you are in need of short-term mobile ATM services for your event or would like to have a permanent machine at your location, Payroll Services has you covered.

Mobile ATMs for your indoor or outdoor events

Whether you are expecting a thousand or a million, we make sure your customers have access to cash in a secure, efficient way.
  • Events of all kinds - fairs, festivals, sporting events, concerts, and more.
  • Real time monitoring - We monitor cash levels in real time so ATMs are replenished without interruption to your patrons.
  • Guest convenience - A mobile ATM gives attendees convenient access to cash without having to leave the venue.
  • More profits - It has been shown that $0.75 of every dollar withdrawn from an ATM at an event is spent at the event.
  • Reduce credit card fees - Customers are more likely to spend cash when their wallet is full, plus you and your vendors will have decreased credit card fees.
  • ADA Compliant - Our machines are fully ADA compliant giving access to all your patrons.

Earn easy income with an ATM placement

Offer your customers convenient cash right in your place of business. There are several options to choose from to meet your needs. 
  • Full Service Installation - We manage everything and pay you some of the ATM's surcharge revenue each month.
  • Merchant Loaded ATM Placement - For merchants who would like a little more of the surcharge revenue and don't mind loading the cash.
  • ATM Purchase - Buy your own ATM and receive 100% of the surcharge revenue.