Time & attendance for the way you work

Payroll Services provides cutting edge time and attendance solutions that save you time and money.

Impact your bottom line with a complete time & attendance solution from Payroll Services

A time tracking system from Payroll Services will save huge amounts of time and money by removing errors, automating processes and eliminating fraud. Utilize a cloud-based web clock or integrate time collection devices for a solution that fits your business.

Web Clock

Cloud-based Time & Attendance software automates the collection and calculation of payroll. Add a time collection device and payroll processing for a fully integrated solution.
  • Free up admin time with paperless review, edit and sign-off that makes employees self-sufficient.
  • Eliminate inefficiencies around time-off requests and automate payroll adjustments
  • User friendly dashboard and configurable notifications
  • Seamless integration with popular payroll software to speed up payroll calculation
  • Get time reports to create staff schedules, project overtime, reduce overhead costs and make better business decisions

Time Collection Devices

Cutting edge technology ensures easy and accurate time collection. Proximity Card Time Clock, Bar Code Time Clock or Biometric Time Clock options available.
  • Eliminates "buddy punching" which reduces fraud, saves on wasted time and increases security
  • Seamlessly integrates with web-based time clock to fully automate the collection and calculation of payroll
  • Zero configuration and easy to install
  • Mobile - Geo Punch is ideal for employees who work in the field, at client sites and on job sites
  • Easy to use keypad interface and multiple proximity card technologies supported