Time & attendance for the way you work

Payroll Services provides cutting edge time and attendance solutions that save you time and money.

Impact your bottom line with a complete time & attendance solution

A time tracking system from Payroll Services will save huge amounts of time and money by removing errors, automating processes and eliminating fraud.
  • Proximity card, bar code or biometric time clocks eliminates "buddy punching"
  • Seamlessly integrates with web-based time clock to fully automate the collection and calculation of payroll
  • Zero configuration and easy to install
  • A user-friendly dashboard allows for easy review and approval. Seamless integration with all popular payroll products reduces payroll preparation time by up to 80%
  • Mobile - Geo Punch is ideal for workers who work in the field, at client sites and on job sites
  • Get critical employee payroll, scheduling and historical trend information to reduce overhead and make better business decisions
  • Multiple proximity card technologies supported