Human Resource Solutions

Employee management is a huge part of your business. Payroll Services helps you stay HR and benefit compliant while providing answers to your toughest questions.

HR360 for answers and training

Through our partnership with HR360, you have access to a complete library of HR compliance and guidance that will assist you with everything from recruiting, interviewing, and hiring employees, to performance reviews and termination.

Create an effective Employee Handbook

Your employee handbook is a powerful tool in helping employees understand your policies. It  can be your first line of defense against a potential lawsuit. If you need to update yours or are starting from scratch, our HR experts can help. 

Ensure compliance with Sexual Harassment laws

New York State has issued new requirements to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace. These requirements include policies, forms and training. We have tools and resources to help you be compliant.

Meet posting standards with Labor Law Posters

As an employer, you are required to post federal and state labor law posters. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines. We have fully laminated posters to help you maintain compliance.